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Alpha1Estates International's approach to sales is simple - to ensure potential customers leave your sales office, be it real or virtual, as buyers. Our strengths in selling real estate projects is evident, combining passion with integrity and professionalism.

It also has to be efficient - we're in an Internet-driven age where today's customers are from around the world, demanding instant results and information. Therefore, we aim to ensure your sales efforts succeed online and offline. An Alpha1 relationship at a time. An Alpha1 sale at a time.

The ABC of Alpha1Estates Sales is twofold: firstly, Always Be Closing and secondly:

A - Analytical Advisory
Our strength lies in advising beside the three core members of your sales competence - the Chief Sales Officer, the in-house Sales team and external sales commission forces. We advise on how to refine, enhance and deliver comprehensive sales programs, meeting the thoughts, needs and wants of the customers the more they enter your office, be it real or virtual. The key of our advisory is on analytics - where we aim to achieve a consensus of beliefs to support project planning, feasibility, financing and sales.

B - Building Developments
We start where our developers start: site planning, product design, amenities packages, pricing, phasing, builder and membership programs. We understand sales are the final and most crucial step of a comprehensive plan designed to maximise profitability, and advise developers accordingly.

C - Customer Clientele
A statistic to shape sales programmes offline: 66% of all new homebuyers begin their search on the Internet, narrowing their community site visits.  A strong Internet fulfilment program can succeed in creating more buyers from those considered browsers and more sales to your bottom line. We continually analyse the sales programme, based on customer perspectives, website analytics, database trends and detailed sales communications to better understand the mind-set of the real estate buyer. Through the accuracy of the information obtained, we refine and enhance the sales programme accordingly, honing in on aspects which make or break a sales.

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