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Public Relations

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Alpha1Estate International's approach to sales is simple - to ensure the media reports the best perspective about your project and reports. Our strengths in publicising real estate projects are evident, combining passion with integrity and professionalism.

We work synergistically across your sales, marketing and PR teams to ensure your campaign succeeds in every area of the media. Critical to this are the relationships we have established and can establish with the relevant journalists, editors and producers who cover new real estate projects from both a customer and business’ perspective.

Our strength lies in advising beside the three core members of your public relations competence - the Chief Public Relations/Corporate Communications/Media Officer, the in-house PR team and external Public Relations agency. We advise on how to refine, enhance and deliver comprehensive public relations programmes, meeting the thoughts, needs and wants of the media so they can best report to the world about your project.

Press Kits and Releases
Press kits and press releases are an important part of PR campaign providing the important foundation on which reporters can develop a story. Beginning with a comprehensive fact sheet, the press kit can also contain executive biographies, key press releases, recent press clippings and a photo archive. Press Kits are kept up to date and ready on a moment's notice to answer any and all press inquiries.

Synergistic Media
We arrange and ensure that the coverage you receive across the media - print, online and broadcast chiefly - are accurate and synergistic in terms of content and messaging.

Social Media
We can advise on your presence on the world's leading social media websites, ensuring your project virtual 'word of mouth' to culminate in sales.



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