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Alpha1Estates International's approach to marketing is simple - we make potential customers walk into your sales office, be it real or virtual. Our strengths in marketing real estate projects are evident, combining passion with integrity and professionalism. It also has to be efficient - we're in an Internet-driven age where today's customers demand instant results and information. Therefore, we aim to ensure your marketing succeeds online and offline.

Due to its simplicity, we've called it the ABC of Alpha1Estates Marketing:

A- Advisory
Our strength lies in advising at the side of the three core members of your marketing competence - the Chief Marketing Office, the in-house Marketing team and your traditional advertising agency. We advise on how to refine, enhance and deliver comprehensive marketing programs, from advertising campaigns to your collateral packages, giving the outside perspective on what your intended customer thinks, needs and wants.

B - Branding
The creation and development of your brand raises the perception of your project and its related value. The need to ensure synergy of your brand across all channels is essential to ensure your marketing is at its optimum. Your brand helps to introduce and define your relationship with potential customers, so being consistent and bespoke is critical. Your project indeed needs to get to market - but getting your brand to market means your future projects can get to market more easily.

C - Creativity
Sound marketing plans must have sales collateral which will have impact. These must represent your project in a genuine and fair way, particularly so they can be reviewed, discussed and indeed passed along to others - 'word of mouth' referential marketing. Our counsel on enhanced marketing collateral packages for all sorts of media:

- The logo and name of your project
- The overall aesthetic of your project
- Printed Brochure/ E-Brochure - Convince your Client
- 10x10 Media


Alpha1Estates Internet Marketing (AIM) is the specialist marketing programme of our company focused on the Internet. We can advise on a synergised web marketing services which will enhance your project and allow it to succeed in a competitive market place.

- Advertising on Alpha1Estates.com
Our website is the world's first port of call for real estate projects in the Holy Cities of Makkah, Madinah and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We can help our clients, from any part of the world, to advertise on potentially every page on our website.

- Website Design & Services
In the real world, your potential customers would visit your sales offices - your website can become your virtual sales office, which is not only faster and easier to reach, but opens your project to the rest of the world. We can advise on the creation of your website, create it ourselves or advise on how it can be enhanced.

- Search Engine Optimisation
Everybody wants their real estate project to be recognised as the best. On the web, this can mean being Number One in search engines, getting as many hits from users from around the world. At that juncture, the website with the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) emerges strongest.  Constantly evolving and highly competitive, SEO is critical to ensure the overall success of a marketing plan.

- Pay-per-click advertising
Pay-per-click advertising utilises Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to place the ad of your project - along with a link to your website - at the very top of the first page of results for pre-determined search terms. We can advise you on the optimum list of words and phrases that will produce the best response. With unlimited access on a global basis, your  pay-per-click campaign can be continually monitored to ensure the best results.

- Email campaigns
We can communicate your real estate project on a a periodical basis with e-mail messages and updates. The system guides potential customers to links within your website that enhance customer awareness, provide related information and create a sense of urgency, whilst also raising awareness of your brand.

- E-Brochures
As pioneers in the field, can advise on your project's E-Brochure, which is essentially your printed brochure now accessible to the world and delivery upon a click.

- Online Media
We offer a number of options for online media advertising, whereby we can advise on the creation and execution of  dynamic online banner advertising - from the early stage of strategic planning to posting the final programmed version on your website, related websites and even on our website.  We can advise on the tracking and analysing of every lead to optimise the effectiveness of your online advertising budget.

- Web Analytics
The possibility of real-time buyer insight is now possible through Web Analytics - full profiles are available for every person who visits your website or your adverts.

- Future Web/Phone
In the age of the Apps for both the Touch Tablets and smartphones, we can also help you to create applications for your specific project, bringing greater content to your customer than ever before.

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