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Alpha1Estates International advises developers on securing investment for real estate projects. We assist developers to identify, introduce, establish contact, and ultimately secure investment placements for their projects. We specialise in securing investment based on Islamic ethics from the following A1 demographics:

- Royalty and Heads of States
- Ministers & Central Banks
- Sovereign Wealth Funds
- Investment Companies & Funds
- Banking and Finance Corporations
- Ultra High Net Worth Individuals
- High Net Worth Individuals
- Chairman and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
- Chief Investment Officers (CIOs)

In the Holy Cities, we are actively securing investments on a continuous basis on the following:

- Projects in the Central Zone of Makkah and Madinah near the Holy Sites
- Investments on the basis of floors and units (USD$ 5-20 million)
- Investments on the basis of parts of the project (USD$ 20-50 million)
- Investments on the basis of full buyout of projects (USD$60 million+)

In the first instance, please send an email to marked 'Investment Interest' to info@alpha1estates.com, detailing your interest for securing or making investments through us.



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