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Chairman's Message

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Alpha1Estates International was launched with a vision - to help our clients find the property they want, when they want it and at the price they want.

If you're a corporate institution, we are part of your team. If you are buying a home, we're a member of your family.

We are famed for our flagship market as a global Islamic real estate company in serving those who wish to buy property in Makkah and Madinah, the two prime Holy Cities of Islam. We launched with this service and have been acclaimed as global pioneers, an accolade we aim to continue with the help of God.

But our vision has always been broad to serve people from all around the world. When considering where to buy a home or office now, the world is your oyster. We help our clients to buy global real estate, be it residential or commercial, for investment or occupation purposes, wherever they like.

Therefore, I invite you to become a client of Alpha1Estates International, where business relationships become friendships, inshallah .

Chairman, Alpha1Estates International

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 Chairman's Message